Development phase

Due to the challenges of collecting accurate data on sexual behaviour and the increased scope of the third survey, there has been an extensive two year development phase for Natsal-3. During this period, the research team has developed new questions within pre-identified areas of enquiry. Key questions (new and existing) were cognitively tested to ensure they were comprehensible and acceptable to the older age group, included for the first time in Natsal-3. Psychometrically validated measures of sexual function, and of unplanned pregnancy, have also been developed.

The findings of the cognitive testing can be found here.

The first pilot of Natsal-3 took place in August 2009. In the light of the pilot findings, the research team altered and improved fieldwork procedures before the second pilot which took place in March 2010.

The reports from the Natsal pilot and dress rehearsal are available on request. Please contact us if you would like more information about this development work.