Qualitative work

An innovation for Natsal-3, this work package will follow-up selected survey respondents with in-depth interviews to explore sexual practices and experiences in more depth.  The specific objectives of this work package are to:

  • further illuminate¬† associations between variables found in Natsal-3 data;
  • examine the context, meaning and significance of specific experiences to individuals;
  • understand factors enhancing and hindering the improvement of sexual health status.

The focus of this work package is on sexual health outcomes of scientific and policy interest. We will talk to people who are difficult to sample by other means, about topics on which there is little existing qualitative data. The sampling frame will comprise participants in Natsal-3 who expressed willingness to be re-contacted to take part in further research and who fall into at least one of the following five groups:

  1. Women aged under 35 who had conceived a child before age 18
  2. Men who paid for sex in the last five years
  3. Men and women aged over 40 years having unsafe sex (multiple partners and inconsistent condom use)
  4. Men and women aged 45-55 years reporting lack of satisfaction with their sex lives
  5. Men and women aged 55 years or older reporting sexual difficulties and ill health

The combination of quantitative and qualitative data within a common sample will provide opportunities for both descriptive and interpretive analysis. The results will inform the design of preventive interventions, including those involving sexual health services, sex education, and sexual health communication campaigns.