The findings of Natsal-1 were published in two books and a large number of selected papers.


  • Wellings, K., Field, J., Johnson, A.M., Wadsworth, J. & Bradshaw, S. (1994) Sexual Behaviour in Britain: The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. London: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Johnson, A.M., Wadsworth, J., Wellings, K. & Field, J. (1994) Sexual Attitudes & Lifestyles. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications


  • Johnson AM, Wadsworth J, Field J, Wellings K, Anderson RM.  Surveying sexual lifestyles.  Nature 1990; 343: 109.
  • Wellings K, Field J, Wadsworth J, Johnson AM, Anderson RM, Bradshaw SA. Sexual lifestyles under Scrutiny. Nature, 1990: 348; 276-78.
  • Johnson AM, Wadsworth J, Wellings K, Field J, Bradshaw S.  Sexual lifestyles and HIV risk.  Nature 1992; 360: 410-412

Natsal-2 findings were published in over 50 journal articles under the following themes. Details of these articles can be found by clicking on the left hand links.

-          Key findings

-          Sexual Practices, partnerships & risk behaviours

-          Same-sex behaviour

-          STI/HIV diagnoses, treatment and service use

-          Reproductive health, contraception & service use

-          Sexual Function

-          Learning about sex and first sexual experiences

-          Ethnic minority groups

-          Methodology

-          Modelling

-          Miscellaneous

-          Reports

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